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Oliver Twist Activity

English dossier


City or Countryside

In Victorian society, rich and poor could find themselves living very close together, sometimes just streets apart. During the 19th century more people moved into the towns and cities to find work in factories. Cities filled to overflowing and London was particularly bad.

The city in the 19th century were basically the opposite of the countryside.They were more industrial and the work overflowed there as usual in a normale city.

What Is a city?

basically the countryside was made of lands not in Town and industrial purposes, but it was either for farming, but naturally.

Some rural folk would live on the estate throughout the year, often in conditions which were cramped. In their own homes, rural life in Victorian England was concerned with the basics - cooking meals, mending clothes, and seeing that children received the education which was mandatory by 1880.

What Is a Country side?

Oliver Twist was a young boy that lived in England in the 19th centurie, Victorian age's century, and he was a very unfortunate boy because the conditions were really bad at that time. And now we enter in the main argument: it's Better live in cities or in countryside?So, according to Oliver Twist's story wich tells a bit how the Life was in London in the 19th century It was actually Better staying in the countryside because were a lot the bad conditions in the cities.For example the hygiene was terrible because no One trew the rubbish at that time, or Better they trew It in the srteets.This caused a lot of sickness in the cities, especially in London.It was also Better in the countryside because of the rithyms that were in the cities and countrysides were different, for example there was a lot of noises in the cities, otherwise in the countrysides the Life was calmer.

At Oliver Twist's time

Cities aren't perfect, infact like all the world things has cons.Unfortunately cities are not accessible to anyone, because It has a higher cost of life and has very intese rithyms.In general, the noise level in major cities is higher than in the suburbs. Cities have more people and more traffic that contribute to the noise, as well as trains and nearby airports with loud planes flying in and out. And last point the cities are the most polluted in the world.



Pros and cons of the city now

Most people think that living in the cities offers you a Better Life, because of the majority employment in factories or maybe because it is way easier to move to other places in the cities like the cinema.In the city is more accessibile to meet a vastous variety of cultures, so you can meet new people.The entertainment Is more developed because big shows, famous singers's concerts and other entertainment things are in the city.

Anyone who is used to living in the capital knows that it is possible to have fun anytime and anywhere. The 24-hour services are there to prove it, not to mention the huge number of leisure spaces, such as cinemas, theaters, parks, shopping malls, restaurants, bars, and clubs. There may be limited job opportunities, unless you already have a job nearby or if you commute into a town or city. Television and Internet connectivity could be weaker or patchy in more rural areas. During the winter months, nearby roads might not be in the best shape or not be as well maintained as urban roads.


Typically, moving to the countryside involves a lower overall cost of living. Property costs are lower.Crime tends to congregate where people do, so just by the numbers, you're less likely to be near it if you're living in relative seclusion in the countryside.Countryside residents have nature and wildlife all around them, making it far easier to get back to basics and get back in touch with what really matters


Pros and cons of the countryside now

I personally think that cities are Better these days because trough the years we're evolving so fast with the technology transport, scientific and much more.The best Place ti find work are cities and there isno doubt, and there's Better access to entertainment things too.So this Is why i personally think that the city It Is Better than the countryside today.

Is it better to live in a city or in the countryside? While urban dwellers may benefit from more employment opportunities, better access to public services alongside cultural activities and entertainment, people who live in rural areas often argue they have a better sense of community and greater access to nature.

So it's Better live in cities or countryside?

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Sources: internet, Oliver Twist's book and biography.

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