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Angelica D'Alia & kristel Cerri

From the Iron Age to the Golden Age

-The King Buried in a Ship

-The Roman occupation

-A warrior queen

-The Celts

-Ancient Mysteries

Index :

  • Arrangement of massive standing stones.
  • Bluestones and Sarsen stones.
  • Purpose of Stonehenge remains a mystery.


  • Avebury Stone Ring
  • Standing stones are also found in various locations in Ireland.

Other Ancient Monuments

  • The Celts lived in Britain during the Iron Age, around 600 BCE.
  • Druids held significant power in Celtic society.

The celts

  • Bog bodies: bodies preserved in wetland areas.
  • Lindow Man, discovered in England in 1984.

Celts culture

  • In 55 BCE, Julius Caesar invaded Britain.
  • In CE 43, Roman Emperor Claudius sent a strong army to Britain.

A warrior queen

  • A rebellion in CE60 resulted in the destruction of Colchester and Londinium.
  • Romans prevailed.

Boudicca's rebellion

  • Londinium became the new Roman capital.
  • Romans established numerous new towns.
  • Romans improved services and built strategic roads like Watling Street.
  • Emperor Hadrian built Hadrian's Wall to defend against the Picts.

The roman occupation

  • CE 410: Romans left Britain to defend Rome against barbarians.
  • Anglo-Saxons and Jutes took control of Britain.
  • In the 7th century, a king was buried at Sutton Hoo with a ship filled with gold and silver objects.

The King Buried in a Ship

-The Tudor period

-The Middle Ages

-The Normans

-Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings

Index :

The Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings

  • Anglo-Saxons had a big influence, England = 'Angle-land'
  • 1 country, 5 kingdoms: Northumbria, Mercia, Kent, Anglia, Wessex
  • From the Anglo-Saxons:
-Essex, Sussex, Wessex -Most of basic english word -Some day of the weeks name

Alfred the Great and the Vikings

  • CE 597, Augustine, sent by the Pope, told england people Christian religion
  • CE 800, Vikings (Denmark, Norway) attack Britain
  • Alfred the Great fought against the Vikings. He won -> Saxon kings rule the world

The Normans

  • 1066, a duke from Normandy invades England
  • Saxon king = Harold -> finghting in the Nord, returned -> great battle of Hastings
  • Great battle of Hastings:
-Haron = killed -Normans = win -William = 1° norman king -> William the conquedor

The Normans

  • CE 597, Augustine, sent by the Pope, take Christian religion in England
  • CE 800, Vikings (Denmark, Norway) attack Britain
  • Alfred the Great fought against the Vikings. He won -> Saxon kings rule the world

The Normans

  • Build many castle
  • French = language of ruler (for 300 years)
  • Feudal system:
-Normans = lord, own land, animals, buildings -Saxon = serfs, workers on the land of the lord

The Middle Ages

  • King and church had great power = problem:
-King Henry II argue with Thomas Becket (killed by Henry knights in 1770) -Fight for power between the kings and the rich men of England, they invaded London (1215), made King Jhon sign the Magna Carta
  • The Magna Carta -> shared power between king and people

The 'Hundred Years War

  • 1348 -> Black Death in England
  • 1337 = war between England and France began. King Edward III of England invaded France, (for the 116 years -> war) = the 'Hundred Years War'
  • Winned by France

Joan of Arc

  • She fought for France, Englesh found her and burned her
  • She helped France win beacause she was brave

The Tudor period

  • Henry Tudor -> King Henry VII = first Tudor king
  • He created the rose = symbol of peace between Lancaster and York
  • His son famous for his 6 wives:
-First = Catherine of Aragon -> wanted a divorce -Second = Anne Boleyn -He wanted a son, Pope didn't allow divorce -> Two wives = beheaded

Bloody Mary

  • Henry Tudor -> 2 daughters
  • Mary, mother = Chaterine of Aragon
  • Bloody Mary = meny protestant killed during reign
  • Mary died = sister Eizabeth queen

Elizabeth I

  • Elizabeth, mother = Anne Boleyn
  • Protestant = started protestant Church
  • Elizabeth reign = golden age of England
  • 1588: spain tried to attack England = fleet of ships defeated