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This is our basketball court, it's located in front of the school and we usually go there with the P.E. teacher to practice for tests or just do something. Since the start of this year we could go there for our breaks, but a few days ago, the principal, told us we couldn't go any more for safety reasons unless is P.E. or a lesson.

The art class This is our art class, we almost never go there so no one knows how this class is. We, as a class , we saw this place only one time in two years. The desks are bigger than usually and , of course , it's so much bigger than a normal classroom.

Music lab

The IT lab This is our IT lab. It's located on the 3rd floor. We usually go there, for IT lessons, there are loads of PC, a big desk and a big TV that our teacher uses to explain things to us. Every time we go there, either is a science test or a lesson, we are all very happy and by far our favorite room in the whole school.

The gym This is our school gym we go there every wednesday to do P.E. or various sports with other classes. Its pretty small but its enough to fit 2 whole classes. Its located on the first floor and has a direct access to the basketball court which we rarely use.


The Science lab


basketball court