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Healthy ways for a better life !

  • Jean Claude Van Damme says " I love water, in 20/30 years it will disappear"
  • When you drink water, you avoid cramps and most of all you stay hydrated !
  • You should drink 1,5 litre of water per day.

Drink water !

  • You musn't be like Batman
  • You need to sleep at least 8 hours per night to be in good shape !
  • Moreover, sleep enable you to stay focus on your goals and to have more energy that's for sure !

+ info


  • When you practise sport, you run down your issues
  • For instance, the best option for our health is using a bike tend. Addiotionally, this choice is too important for the preservation of environnement.


    • the phone takes a lot of our time thoughout the day (call a friend, play games...)
    • Trying to reduce your screen time is the best advice that we can give you. This will allow you to do other things such as reading or cooking

    The phone

    • Staying clean may seem like a chore but it's a must in order to maintain a good lifestyle and our health.
    • Indeed, you must introduce new habits in our life, don't forget to shower, wash your hair, clip your nails.

    Stay healthy and clean !

    • To have a good mental health and physical health, you must spend time with important people for you such as your friends or pets.
    • If you do it, you avoid depression and stressing moments while having good vibes with your friends and pets.

    Social contact

    • Don't think like Homer and don't abuse of alcohol given that it isn't a healthy thing.
    • Furthermore, reducing your consumption of alcohol is the key for a healthy lifestyle.

    You say no to alcohol !

    Trust us your health will thank you.

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