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the story of

Vikram Srinivasan

by Lily, Nellie and Loucia

born in 1981



in Chennai, India

parents were engineers

expected to be an engineer

high social status






Chennai, India

- Vikram's birth place

- capital of the state of Tamil Nadu

- located on the east coast of India

- previously called Madras

Cincinnati, Ohio

Portland, Oregon

Boston, Massachusetts

Portland, Oregon


for his university studies


for his first job


his family didn't accept his sexuality

for a better job


to live a new life with his husband


Chennai, India

Chennai, India

Chennai, India

Chennai, India

Portland, Oregon

- Vikram's current home

- Oregon's largest city

- located near the confluence of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers, at the foot of Mount Hood

- known for its parks, bridges, cycle paths,and its commitment to environmental protection

his new life in Portland

- finally feels accepted for who he is and wants to stay in Portland

- got married in 2015 in Boston before moving to Portland

- now works at a hi-tech firm

- joined the Portland Gay Mens Chorus and makes friends