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All About Me

Family Tree

Move to the circle

Bring an item


Show what you know




Create an All About Me poster including things about your heritage that make you special.

Create a family tree that dates back as far as you are able.

Create a circle and have the instructor read statements. For each statement, participants will move into the circle if it applies to them. Sample prompts: - I am an only child/middle/youngest/oldest - I am adopted - English isn't my first language

Bring an item that represents your culture/heritage/background and explain the meaning behind it.

Explore and name some pieces of art, literature, or music derived from your culture.

Showcase the knowledge you already have about your culture and background.

Use a piece of paper while the instructor lists different types of people in your life. Write down the first person that comes to mind. Examples: - Your best friend - Your biggest role model - Your favorite teacher

These are examples of real-life activities that teachers can use in their classrooms. Have teachers do each of these activities and then disperse into small groups to discuss which ones they liked/didn't like and which ones they think would be most beneficial in their classrooms.

For teachers to conduct these activities, they need to know the benefits themselves and which would work best with their students. Educators should look for ways to emphasize the differences between their students in a positive light, and these activities can do just that.