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Topic: Tracing grapheme "c"Objective: Can trace the grapheme c associated with the phoneme /s/

Tuesday February 13th, 2024.

Hi the first activity today is the game "The hidden object"Look at the cards and guess the object name them and practice vocabulary.






Read the words, identify the word with a capital letter "c" and the phonemes /s/ and /k/

Now you have to work in teams.Read the words with the beginning letter "c" and circle the words with the phoneme /s/ in red. Circle in blue. the words with the phoneme /k/.

It's time to practice the trace to the grapheme "c".Look at the app"Letra vinculada"Follow instructions and trace the grapheme and words on shaving cream.

Open your learning log on page 59Identify the "capital letter C"trace them using red color.Lower case "c"trace it using pencil.Write the words Cindy and cake under the capital and lower case.

Learning log!

Thanks for participating!

Love you, Miss Ylayalid