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Looking inside my life

We are a family of five, my Mom April, my Dad, Tony, and my two brothers, Naseem and Gabriel.Our family is very cultural, especially with our grandpa coming from Syria, so we love to cook Mediterranean food, and this is a picture of all of us on easter getting ready to eat with our cousins.

My family

One of my biggest hobbies includes motorsports, such as riding dirt bikes and ATVs. This in one of my favorite things to do, becasue it gets my mind of things, and its always fun getting to hangout with my good friends and family, and ride togther. This sport also taught me alot about maining things and how to work on vehicles as well, now I do all my own maintenance on my own powersports and daily vehicles.

One of my hobbies

This is ur dog Lulu, she is a goldendoodle, and she is 5 years old. She is a great dog and loves going outside to play and relax

My dog

Another thing I love to do is shoot archery, my grandpa was a very competitive archer, and shot in high level tournamnets. My uncle is also a very good archer, so they taught me how to shoot, and now my uncle has gotten me into bowunting, so I have enjoyed the few hunts I have done so far.

Archery and hunting

it was the summer after my freshman, I worked for a landscaping company with my friend. While it was a good expierence for me to learn some things, it just wasnt for me, and that offseason I started to buy my own equipment, and aquired new customers. After a few seasons it was very succesful, and it grew exponentially, I gained alot of knowledge from this expierence.

My business

Some of my other hobbies include fishing, working on cars and skiing, when the weather permitsst near ohio.

Some of my other Hobbies