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Students Survey- "I Learn by Folding!"

Our students age are between 10 to 13 years old.The most common age is 12-13 years old.
Age average
Our Schools
Our Countries
Although English is not our mother tongue, it is clear that it is the best language for us to communicate throughout the project.
English Proficiency:
First time in an etwinning project
Have you ever tried origami before?If yes, please describe your level of experience.
What origami projects have you enjoyed in the past?Animals are the favorites!!!
As we can see, the topic of geometry is something that is very much identified in the idea of origami shapes.
Do you have any prior experience with geometry?How interested are you in the geometric aspects of origami?

Are you comfotable applying geometric concepts in hands-on projects like origami?

Are there specific geometric concepts or topics related to origami that you would like to learn more about?

Do you have any preferred communication tools or platforms for participating in collaborative activities?How comfortable are you using online tools?


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