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4. Valence

3. Aragon

2. Andalucia

1. Comunity of Madrid

Typical clothing

The chulapos and chulapas take to the streets to pray to San Isidro. The woman wears a tight dress with rufles at the bottom, a shawl and white scarf on her head, whit its respective flower. Men's clothing consists of dark trousers, a white shirt, a whiscoat whit a carnation and a white scars.


The common dress is the flamenco dress, or gypsy it with a long, fitted dress with ruffles. The most common accesories are the flower the comb and the shawl.In the cas of men, they wear trousers, a white a shirt a short jacket, a shas and vest, accompanied by a Cordoban hat.



Called baturro amd baturra, they have the daily and gala models. The woman is filled whit a cotton skirt that covers a skirt, an apron, a white blouse and a shawl.

In the case of men, they wear black knee-length shorts a white shirt , a vest and a sash. On their heads they wear a chekered scarf.

The falleros and falleras wear the most typical costumes. Women with printed skirts, bodices, apron and tablecoth. Men trouesers and jack, withe shirt and cummerburg.


My style of clothing is street, for example tracksuits or leggins with a tight t-shirt, it's what i wear the most.

My style of clothing

"The brands i like the most are Nike, Puma, Jordan, Addidas and Chicago Bulls.

"For a especial occasion i wear a dress, my favorite color for dresses, black, blue , brown and leopard print.

I hope you liked it. Made by Zaira Martin Parras.

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