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T9: The Monastery of the Morninglord. Rumors of a terrible heresy surround the lone monastery located at the cliffs of the East Sea. Abominable creatures resembling giant moths have been seen in the vicinity. Did the light of the Morninglord draw the creatures of the night?

AB7: The Fortunate Town of Stolp. Stolp survived the war between the Order of the Black Sun and the Sanguineous Commonwealth unscathed. The locals believe it's due to the patron of the town, St. Andral. Every 10 years they lay a holy shroud on his grave, to ensure his blessing.

V16: Castle Krahe. The residence of the cruel countess Elsbeth Bathory, who supposedly bathes in blood of young women. Those who live in the shadow of her stronghold pray for the safety of their daughters every day.

S11: Dream Temple of Morana. The pagan temple of Morana, godess of death, winter and dreams is allowed to exist based on ancient compact with the House of Griffin. But recently the seekers of dreams stopped returning from the island and the church of Morninglord hopes that it's an opportunity to eradicate the heathen worship.

O11: The Nimmer Mines. The mines are said to be sealed for centuries, by the pagans tribes that lived nearby. The House of Griffin would love to seize the mines, but any mining expedition soon reports missing members and strange accidents, and retreats with recovering the riches.

R14: Serpentine Swamps. The barges traveling through the swamps always take the eastern route and never make unnecessary stops. Those that don't follow that advice, are frequently lost in the marshland. The few survivors speak of ancient ruins decorated with hideous visages of snakes.

N16: Eminence Luminous. The great monastery of the Morninglord stood defiant against the Sanguineous Commonwealth, even after its armies besieged it. During the siege some kind of calamity struck and now the holy site is a mass grave for both sides.

T6: The Cauldron. The site of a volcanic eruption is said to hold ruins of an ancient civilization. The merchants of the East Sea avoid it because of vicious pagan tribes and sirens who draw sailors to their doom.

Z12: Pagan ruins. The pagan tribes ruled this lands before the arrival of the missionaries and crusaders of the Morninglord. Rumors say that the last pagan king, Gedimin, was laid to rest there.

J2: Dragon Cathedral. In act of sheer folly a pagan tribe decided to worship a golden dragon. Eventually the beast grew tired and turned back on them, turning the land into ash. Valiant paladins of the Morninglord slew the monstrosity, but its hoard was never found. Perhaps it's still there?