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1. anniversary- n.2. charge - v. 3. military decoration- n. 4. cowshed- n. 5. retreat- v. 6. invasion- n. 7. exploit- n. 8. rebelliousness- n. 9. ambush- n.


Looking again at the list of words above, what do you think will happen in Chapter IV?

2. Who would you say is/are the hero/heroes of the battle? Why?

1. At the end of Chapter IV, the animals decide to fire Mr. Jones’ gun twice a year to celebrate the anniversaries of the Battle of the Cowshed and the Rebellion. In your culture, are there any celebrations that are similar to these anniversaries? How are they important to your culture?

Discussion questions



3. Read the following quotations from after the Battle of the Cowshed and compare Snowball’s and Boxer’s reactions. What does this say about their characters?


“’I have no wish to take life, not even human life,’ repeated Boxer, and his eyes were full of tears.”

“‘No sentimentality, comrade!’ cried Snowball, from whose wounds the blood was still dripping. ‘War is war. The only good human being is a dead one.’”

read chapter 5

Chapter 4 ~ Almost all countries dedicate monuments to their heroes or leaders. All countries all have a national anthem (a song that unites the people of that country). · Find 3 monuments and 3 national anthems from 3 different countries that exist in our world today. · Place these pictures and a copy of the anthem on decorated poster board.

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