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Module 4 Visual DBA

Help our jungle hero make it to the top any way you can! Rules: Move vertically up the ladderDo not click on locks unless instructedClick around, you may find surprises!


First, a quick review..click below!














Mental Health & Relationships


Congrats! You found the rope. You may use this to travel between questions between ladders, without starting at the bottom. Enjoy!

Tammy the Toucan is ticked! She knocks you down a rung to the next ladder.

Ahh, watch out! Oh no, you slipped on a banana peel and must move to a different ladder.

Ta daaaa! You found the golden banana! If you can guess which nutrient in this fruit helps your nerves, muscles, and heart to function well, you will earn one free pass on a level 1 or 2 question.

Bonus Banana! Can you name 3 different types of mental illness? If you can explain how they're different and give an example of symptoms for each, you'll earn a spy glass that will allow you to see the top rung on each ladder!

Inquisitive banana wants to know: If it were up to you, would you allow your little brother or sister to use social media sites like Tik Tok and Snap Chat? If so, what age would be appropriate?

The final battle!

Choose one and discuss what potential pitfalls you see in the future in this area and how you plan to "battle" it! Choose 3 help items to carry on your journey.

Mental Health & Relationships


Internet &Social Media

The final Level:3 wishes

You've been tasked with making 3 wishes!One wish for a family memberone wish for a friendOne wish for you*each wish must deal with one or more of the following topics: Nutrition, mental Health & Relationships, or Technology

DBA wrap up

Bad Password Habits

Good Password Habits


What are some potential interventions to promote healthier usage habits?

In your opinion, which social media design feature is more successful in fostering addictive behavior?

Infinite scroll


Identify health technology in 3 areas of your life

How do your items help you monitor or improve your health?

in the living room

in the bathroom

in the car

in the gym

on your person

Start at 3:57 What misconceptions about relationships does Ken believe? How does Barbie demonstrate healthy boundaries in her relationship? (Answer = replace one number on any ladder)

Develop strategies to prevent, manage, and resolve the following interpersonal conflict.

Critically analyze the impact of food advertising on consumer perceptions of calorie-dense, nutrient-poor products. Evaluate the ethical considerations of marketing strategies aimed at promoting such foods, particularly in relation to public health and obesity rates.

What the customer / view thinks

Moral Truthful Fair Honest