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English Presentation 2023/24

Diana Mesquita8Bnº4


The film


written and directed by Melanie Martinezproduced by Kimberly Stuckwisch n Tyler Zelinsky

main characters

Angelita, Kelly, Crybaby, Celest, Fleur, Magnolia

Strawberry Shortcake (other students commenting about her body)

Drama club(doing things that ppl dont want to for popularity)

Nurse's office (students not wanting to go to class)

Show & Tell(ppl not caring for how u feel)

The Principal(teachers not caring about how students feel)

class fight(being bullied, class fight)

Wheels on the bus(being bullied)

Songs and their meanings

Fire Drill (people nowadays posting everything in social media)

Recess (Importance of letting your problems go)

High School Sweethearts (crybaby not wanting a toxic relationship)

Teacher's Pet (Pedophilia)

Detention(trying to make a perfect image in public)

Orange Juice(Eating disorders)

Lunchbox friends(fake friends)

Songs and their meanings

Why did Melanie made this film?

Melanie made this film to boost her album k-12, but also to talk about teens problems


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