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New- Zealand

The country

  • Continent : Oceania
  • Capital : Wellington
  • Population : 4,9 M
  • Area : 268 680 km²
  • Official language : English and Maori
  • National day : the 6th of February, Waitangi day
  • Currency : New Zealand Dollar

The travel

To go to New Zealand, I have taken the plane from Paris to Singapour and from Singapour to Auckland. I have found the travel very long but comfortable. When I was there I haven't took the plane but only the boat or the train.




12 H

10 H


The first thing I have done when I was in New-Zealand was to visit the Hobbiton. It's one of the filming locations of the "Hobbit" and 'The Lord of the Rings". It's very cool for the persons who loves the univers of the "Middle-Earth". But if you haven't seen the films it's not very interesting.

I have found the village very well done. But I haven't seen any Hobbits or wizards.

A Maori experience

I think the best experience I have done in New-Zealand is to go in a Maori tribe. It was very impressive, especially the Haka (a Maori war dance).

You can also do a Ta Moko, its very cool because it's an unique and permanent souvenir in the skin. But I don't like tattoos so I haven't done any.


During my trip I obviously ate new zealand specialities like the pavlova of course but also maori food like the Hangi or the Boil-up. I have liked the Pavlova and the Hangi, but I haven't find the Boil-up very good.


One of my dreams was to see kiwis and I have realized it during my trip. During tree days I have discovered the South of the Island and all its animals like one-armed penguin, dolphin, a lot of birds and of course sheep.


The last day of my trip in New-Zealand, I have been to Auckland to see a match of the All Blacks. It was very close but the All Blacks have won.