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How can the people make themselves heard ?


DARBON Ferdinand DEHAYS Martin

Key words and definitions

Talking, chatting, laughing, sharing : this is what civilised people do every day. We live to communicate, to experience. But what happens when opinions differ ? How can the people make themselves heard ? By what means? By using charisma, ideas, violence? Don't forget to check the vocabulay on your worksheet ;)

The legitimacy of the people’s voice.

- Are the people’s voices always equal ? In other words, are some people more legitimate (and others less) to speak about certain subjects ? - Is the voice of the majority always the right one ? Should a measure be left unquestioned because it is approved by the majority ?

Institutions and democracy

- Do you think that voting only every few years is sufficient to take an active part in democracy today ? Should our institutional regime be updated to correspond to today’s standards regarding democracy and transparency ? - In our current institutions, is it utopical to believe that everyone can make their voice heard ?

Violence : useful or counterproductive ?

- In recent years, a new form of protesting has emerged. Black Blocs now occupy the front part of most English and European protests, during the 2011 anti-cuts protest for example. Do you believe these actions of degradation are useful for the cause or counterproductive ? - Should violence be tolerated if it’s for a greater / wider cause ? - Do you believe in the efficiency of protests ?

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