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The revisited ending of the murders in the Rue Morgue





C. August Dupin

The narrator

L'Espanaye family

The accomplices

The ending of the story

The characters

What if the killer wasn’t the orangutan? It was the detective Dupin, because he wanted revenge. The father of Madame L’espanaye knew his family, and after a row, he stole all their money. After his first week in London, Dupin discovered the ladies who were living in Chelsea. He started to plan the crime: he wanted to kill them and steal everything they had. Dupin found some people who needed money and asked them to help him. On the day of the crime, they went into the victim’s house and became crazy, it was a tragedy. The guy took the money and left some fake clues: a bag of fake money, some hairs, and a cap. His roommate didn't suspect Dupin at all, but after some days, Dupin started to sneak out every night and the man wanted to know why, and for this reason the narrator made some telephone calls. Seven days after the crime, the police hadn’t discovered what had happened, so Dupin’s friend followed him when he left the basement. After a long walk they arrived at the port where there were some people among this there was Dupin who was giving some money to them. Suddenly he realised what had happened in the house in Chelsea. Later he called the police who arrested all of them.

The family L’Espanaye, is formed by Madame L’Espanaye with her parents and her daughter. The father of the woman is a thief, because he doesn’t have enough money to take care of his family. So they live a difficult life and they often end in dangerous situations.

The narrator of the story is interested too in technology, like Dupin, and he’s a detective. He’s not from London, but he moved there to solve a very important case. Thanks to his passions, he met his friend Dupin while he was learning to use teleportation.

The accomplices are some of Dupin's friends who get to help him wishing to earn a lot of money. Some of them have known Dupin since when they were young, and the others are his colleagues from many years.

Dupin is a poor guy who loves technology and knows everything about it. He lives in a basement, where he does a lot of experiments and solves some mystery. In fact, he’s a clever detective who can always find the right solution.