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We will finish up unit 6 this week with a test on Wednesday.

This week we will apply what we’ve learned about the unit circle to the graphs of sine and cosine

We will finish up Unit 7 this week with a test on Friday

Last week we developed strategies for multiplying polynomials. This week we work in the reverse direction and learn to factor them. This is a crucial math skill as we progress in our algebraic reasoning. E-Portfolio #4 is due next Tuesday, February 13. Purpose, directions, and rubric for grading can be found on Canvas.

This week we wrap up our study of similar figures with a look at proportions within triangles. We will then end the chapter with an activity that helps us connect proportions within triangles to reality around us. E-Portfolio #4 presentation recordings are due by the end of Tuesday, February 6. Students will then be assigned peer reviews to complete.