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Continuum: Is Abortion Good Or Bad?

Abortion Is Bad

Abortion Is Good

  • Data: What the data says about abortion in the U.S.

  • Academic Journal: Abortion and health problems from it

  • Image: Abortion Rate Througout The Years

  • News Website: Pros And Cons Of Abortion

  • Source 5: Risk Of Abortion

  • Source 6: Why Abortion Is Bad

  • Source 7: Womans Human Rights

  • Source 8: Abortion is Heathcare

  • Source 9: Ways Abortion Improves Womans Well Being

  • Source 10: State Abortion Will Harm Woman

Directions:1. Change title2. Write out the extremes (You can add arrows pointing in other directions as well)3. Add your source titles and links4. Move sources to the correct part of the continuum5. Submit for Step 2 on Canvas