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The opera

Opera music is an art form of very ancient origins through which singers and musicians perform their works based on dramatic stories, combining text and musical score.

What's opera?


From Ancient Greece, opera singing was poetry sung with the lyre at courts and then it was destined to the choirs for religious celebrations and parades.

The story

It developes in Italy during the late 16th century, particularly in cities like Florence and Venice.

The story

with the exception of France, where composers such as Handel and Gluck stood out and reacted against the artificiality of operas.

Due to its great success, opera quickly spread throughout Europe. However, Italian opera continued to dominate in Europe,

opera in europe

In Italy, in about 1598, the first lyrical singing named “Dafne” was composed by Ottavio Rinuccini and Jacopo Peri


In 1737 the Teatro San Carlo in Naples was built by Giovanni Antonio Medrano and Angelo Carasale for King Charles III of Bourbon; it is the oldest theatre in the world.


Mozart was one of the many composers that were attracted by this famous theater.


Today the most famous figure of opera music of the 1700s is certainly Mozart, who began with opera seria, but then distinguished himself for his comic operas in Italian, of which we remember the now famous:


"le nozze di figaro"

"don giovanni"


Some famous opera artists are:-Luciano Pavarotti -Gioacchino Rossini-Giuseppe Verdi -Maria Callas

famous opera artists

Luciano Pavarotti was Italian: he was one of the best tenors and one of the biggest exponents of opera in the world.

luciano pavarotti

His most famous song:

luciano pavarotti

Among the greatest and most famous opera musicians in history, he is remembered mainly for his famous and celebrated opera, such as Il barbiere di Siviglia.


Il Barbiere di Siviglia:


Giuseppe Verdi was a great Italian composer. Some of his most famous operas are:-Rigoletto, Act III: la donna e mobile-La traviata/ Act I: Libiamo ne'lieti calici- Requiem Dies Irae

giuseppe verdi

Rigoletto, Act III: la donna e mobile

La traviata/ Act I: Libiamo ne'lieti calici

requiem dies irae

Maria Callas was the best soprano ever lived and still is today; she had Greek roots but she lived in Italy and USA too.


Her most famous song:

maria callas

She is one of the most popular pop singers today but she had a classical musical training as a soprano.She is noted for her songwriting, five-octave vocal range

Mariah Carey

Opera in the world

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