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Is bullying or harassment through digital technologies.Bring it to the attention of the school management or the EducationInsoectorate.Keep evidenceDo not announce the complaint to the bullies...Request the blocking of bullies in the online environment and denounce them.Sources: arag.es, ayudaenaccion.org


is the sexual harassment of a child or adoloescent by an adult on theinternetYou should make a report by calling 103 or 107, free lines for the wholecountry, or at the nearest Public Prosecutors Office or police stationDo not delate information or conversationsSources: defensorBA.org.ar; argentina.gob.ar


Technique used by eybercriminals to fraudulently obtain confidentialinformation from users in order to hijack the identity of those individualsYou must report the incident to the bank and to the police or Guardia Civil.Sources: legaltoday.com, ibm.com


Refers to the sending of erotic or pornographic content vía cell phones. Sexting is becoming s dangerous trend among young peopleYou must notify your parents or teachers. Sources: confilegal.com, fundacionmapfre.com


Is a psychological dependence characterized by an increase in activities carried out over the internet, with discomfort when the person is not online, tolerance and denial of the problem. Agree on a specific and moderate schedule of internet connection, moderate the use of video games on the network...Sources:scielo.org.com, gobiernodecanarías.org