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boob job

Boob Job Writer Helena O‘Connell | Actors Ferah Ibrahim, Shiloh Maersk & Tia Merrifield | Director Elia Criscuoli ‘Boob job’ – The definition = a prosthesis consisting of a gel like or fluid material in a flexible sac. Implanted behind or in place of a female breast in reconstructive or cosmetic surgery. Ouch, would you? Sounds painful, but perhaps the real pain is making the decision? Three friends, a busy call centre and one life changing decision. Ella thinks Olivia “has lost the bloody plot!” Jack thinks Olivia “is a gorgeous creature!” But Olivia thinks “her boobs have gone walkabout!”


Butterfly Writer Morgyn Turay | Actor Megan Ravetto | Director Ryder Elliot-Cara A genuine exploration of a young person's journey to self discovery through the lens of a caterpillar in its cocoon.

how to beinvisible

How To Be Invisible Writer Ronita Dutta | Actors Sarah Jones, Sally Reeves, Lyla Reynolds & Isabella Wise | Director Keran Patel Four women of different ages have ended up at the same bus stop. Although they’ve never met before, they’re drawn into a lively discussion about societal expectations of women, cosmetic surgery, sexuality, Madonna, their own experiences as females and how things change as you get older.


Running On Empty Writer Daren Norris | Actor Cole Deller | Director Jonny Morton Running on Empty, a monologue about the passage of time and its healing or other impacts; about love, loss, forgiveness, about sisters and blisters.


The Jungle Writer Asher Reuben | Actors Alex Brennan, Tom Langton, Mouse O'Hehir, Shiloh Maersk, Asher Reuben & HarveyThompson | Director Asher Reuben The Jungle, is a journey of self discovery and self healing with a powerful leader that only wants the best for his patients, by any means possible.

a rescue

A Rescue Writer Julie Dogliani | Actors Ammar Awad & Julie Wood | Director Sebastian Ross How do you get a politician to change? How do you get Suella Braverman to change? How does the universe shake up her world and illuminate the greater truth? This is a short play about Suella Braverman’s journey on a boat. Will she be rescued or rescue her humanity?

with love& anger

With Love & Anger Writer Sara Chernaik | Actor Sienna Da Silva-Simpson | Director Jonny Morton A woman remembers the songs and stories and love from her childhood that gave her a reason to keep fighting for freedom and for a better world. My father taught me to stand up for what’s right, never to walk away from the truth, even if it might cost you your job, your freedom, your country. He filled my head with songs and stories of dreams and hope and what was and will be, sang me to sleep with the songs that ground me when I forget where I am. My father held my hand as we marched for peace, lifted me high on his shoulders when it was my turn to ride above the crowd of marching feet and legs, to look out over the sea of banners, of colour, of hope for change; and always I felt my father’s hand in mine, his songs filling the world with love. With Love and Anger we can change the World.’


Order Confirmed Writer Sebastian Ross | Actors Jimmy Adamou & Ashley Driver | Director Sebastian Ross Disagreements can manifest from many sources. Misunderstanding, assumed privilege or even simple rudeness. However starting a conflict with someone you see every day usually isn’t a good idea. Especially if they’re just an overly curious Deliveroo driver trying to make conversation.

to themoon & back

To The Moon & Back Writer Sally Reeves | Actor Sarah Driver | Director Paul Harris A love story set in the 1970’s, against the background of the Apollo space programme. Betty shares with us the joys and challenges of her life with her husband, who’s an astronaut. As we listen to her, we realise that we have heard her husband’s story before, from someone else...

the cuttingroom floor

The Cutting Room Floor Writers Sarah Driver & Paul Harris | Actors Louise Connolly & Demar Lambert | Directors Sarah Driver & Paul Harris Footage created by Pete Dowse | Montage and music by Sarah Driver Deep within the Black Mountains of Wales lives Dr. Hieronymus Fontaine. Fontaine, a reclusive, classical composer, responsible for some of the most well-loved scores of b-movie horror cinema, has, this once, broken his most intractable rule and agreed to be interviewed by, journalist, Lally Sycamore. Sycamore’s arrival could put in motion life imitating art…


Mixed Messages Writer Ali Hardy | Actors Rocco McHugh & Hussain Raza | Director Ferah Ibrahim Closet case first year uni student, Tony, and sixth form leader of the LGBT+ Society, Ryan, have been together since they were fifteen. Since that time, they’ve managed to maintain a semblance of normality, even after Tony moved away from their shared hometown. Their only exchanges, aside from occasional furtive cinema dates and fake dating scenarios with Tony’s sister, who happens to be Ryan’s best friend, are their regular phone calls; even if they do usually end in argument. This one, though? It’ll be different. Something will change. Surely. Mixed Messages is a relationship drama duologue about compulsory heterosexuality; being queer when society’s still in that limbo between acceptance and hate crime; long distance relationships; secondary school sweethearts; growing up; and the dreaded three words; or how to be with someone when all you want to do to them is apologise.


Changing Lanes Writer Lara Sparey | Actor Abbi Dockerty | Director Jonny Morton Already ten minutes late for a job interview and now stuck in stationary traffic; Sarah starts to contemplate her life. As time passes, she is intrigued by the driver of the conspicuous supercar beside her. Sarah begins to imagine his luxurious lifestyle and picture-perfect family, comparing his extraordinary everyday with her own mundane existence.


Avatars Writers Alyssia Jones & Rocco McHugh | Actors Charlotte Antoine-Swinburne, Jack Harris & Mouse O‘Hehir | Director Hussain Raza An enigma code that is clearly getting mixed up. What is it to identify as a person and not yourself. That is not your avatar, that is my avatar. A short comedy sketch on identity and social gender.

see itthroughmy eyes

See It Through My Eyes Writer Amy Golden | Actor Amy Golden | Directors Dave Carey & Jonny Morton Amy can move only her right arm and cannot speak - she shares what life is like through her eyes. Read by actor Rhiannon Neads, she reveals her frustrations, her battle with depression and also the pleasures of being able to watch what other people are up to without being noticed. "I think perhaps they sometimes allow me to pick up on things because they don't realise that there's a thinking, feeling person inside this body," she says. Her talk is a passionate plea to be heard and noticed. "If you want to know what I want to say you have to focus on me." Amy insists. "You can't ignore me, or pretend I'm not here."

the ethicsofangelina

The Ethics of Angelina Writer Sophie White | Actors Hector Dogliani & Lucy-Mae Beacock | Director Elia Criscuoli In the (possibly not so distant) future, a young man attends a group interview for the job of his dreams. It's going well... until he realises that one of his fellow interviewees is an AI.


Impact Letter Writer Abbi Dockerty | Actors Ellie Carroll, Angie Pascall & Keiralyn Singleton | Director Maya Nielsen This is a piece which explores mental illness and the impact it can have on the surrounding family when someone is hospitalised. It is written based on a real story of recovery, turned into a piece of theatre expressing the pain and suffering of becoming consumed by mental illness. It shows how an impactful letter can begin the process of change and recovery. Leaving you feeling inspired and knowing that change is possible; it explores how making the decision to change isn’t always an easy one, even if it is the right one. The path of change was one that wasn’t seen before a letter pointed it out. You’re never too far gone, there is always hope for recovery and building a life worth living.

the deal

The Deal Writer Callum Clesham | Actors Vittorio Maletta, Lucina Rigobert & Ginny Taub | Director Callum Clesham Would you make a deal? A deal that's hugely beneficial for you but puts another person in jeopardy? Could you live with yourself knowing what happend to them? What happens when it's time to honour your end of deal? Could you back out? Could you change it? When it's time to pay up, will it all have been worth it?


The Granville Experiment Writer Ashley Driver | Actors Edward Dogliani, Ashley Driver, Paul Harris & Jonny Morton | Director Ashley Driver One fateful night in 1974 saw two musicians (Barry Jenkins and Roger Rodgers) enrapture punters at the Goafer’s Spleen pub in Camden Town as they scooped top prize in the battle of the bands tournament. Watching from the back of the room was A and R big cheese Rufus Slatery. The young men were signed that very night and flown out to Los Angeles the next morning to record their self-titled first album. ‘The Granville Experiment’. Fifteen years, seven number one singles and three platinum albums later; the band split, citing creative differences following an alleged backstage punchup at the Hanshin Koshien Stadium in Japan. Baz and Roj were never seen in the same room again after that. What went wrong?


The Enterprise Writer Carol Kearney | Actors Sean Baradhi & Siena Tullock-Bisgrove | Director Mouse O‘Hehir An embittered Elle is tracked down by her ex-boyfriend, Nick, to the pub where she works, and she is obliged to listen to him plead for forgiveness and reconciliation as she serves regulars, Graham, George and Jean. The anger she feels towards him subsides as she is forced to reflect on the life they had together, and the life she is living now. Can Nick convince her that she should take him back? Or has his sudden appearance led to some unexpected realisations for Elle?