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The Ballantine's fashion house has a new peculiar employee named Viktor, who strongly helps the company succeed. However, numerous incidents also take place at Ballantine's, where Viktor is a prime suspect.

V is for Vampire

Time and location



Ed Valdemar

The story takes place in three locations:


Sasha and Mylene

Viktor Sarav

George and Anne Ballantine

New York




She is Ballantine’s daughter, she is very nice and naive. At first she liked Viktor.

He is Angie’s brother, he is clever and suspicious of Viktor. Don and Angie inherited Ballantine's company.

He is Ballantine’s lawyer and a friend of Angie and Don’s parents

Vera is a friend of George and Anne, she is the company director of Ballantine.

They are two young new workers at Ballantine.

Viktor is a new worker from Bulgaria, he is very strange, but his ideas work really well.

They are Angie and Don’s parents, they are the owners of the Ballantine fashion company.They died in a plane accident involving bats.

The main city of the story where there’s also the Ballantine’s headquarters, the place where most of the discussions take place.

Viktor’s home place where Vera and Angie go on vacation, where Viktor’s house is old and torn apart, with only one servant.

The place where Viktor and Angie’s honeymoon takes place.

Angie’s parents died in a plane accident and gave them their fashion house, called Ballentine’s. Angie and Don needed help because they didn’t know how to carry on the family business and they asked Vera, a family friend. They chose to hire new people in their fashion house. One of them was Viktor; everyone liked him because he worked very hard and he changed Ballantine’. One day, Viktor came in with a white bandage around his head and a little blood ran down his face. Then, Myleen put up her hand to touch Viktor’s head and he pushed her away. Angie came out from her office and she asked what happened and Viktor said that Vera hit him; but Vera said that she didn’t, leading to her getting suspicious about him. So, Don checked the CCTV cameras and discovered that Viktor lied earlier and he hurt himself. As he was returning home he got into a car accident with a giant bat. Later, Viktor offered Angie and Vera a vacation in Bulgaria and they accepted, with Vera accepting to learn more about Viktor’s past. But when they returned from Bulgaria, they got terrible news: two coworkers, Sasha and Myleen, were found dead outside of a night club. Vera grew more suspicious of Viktor as she thought that he was behind the murders of Don, Sasha and Myleen. She told it to Angie but Angie loved him and decided to marry Viktor. After the marriage, Viktor confronted Vera in her apartment where he revealed his nature as a vampire and the murderer behind Angie’s parents, Don, Mylee and Sasha. Aftcking revelation Viktor chased her down and killed her. Later on, Viktor and Angie went on a honeymoon with Angie getting her blood drained by Viktor and Viktor planning to transform Vera into a vampire.

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