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Spotlight and Audio Chat

FigJam AI As introduced in the FigJam AI module, this Beta feature can generate

  • Boards for meetings and team exercises
  • Diagrams and flow charts
  • Visual timelines and Gantt charts
  • Plans for team projects

6. Section

Organize your board with labeled sections to group related objects or guide workshop participants through activities.

  • Cluster objects together without having to group them
  • Contain objects that can be moved together around the board
  • Hide sections of the board that can be revealed when needed
  • Link collaborators to a specific section of the board

Learn how to work with Sections

4. Shapes, Connectors, and Lines

A curated selection of shapes gives you the tools to build detailed flows and diagrams. Add text to shapes to capture ideas and use connectors to connect them.

  • Visualize information using shapes with text

  • Create diagrams and flows with connectors and lines

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FigJam AI

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As introduced in the FigJam AI module, this Beta feature can generate:

  • Boards for meetings and team exercises
  • Diagrams and flow charts
  • Visual timelines and Gantt charts
  • Plans for team projects
  • Summarize the contents of a group brainstorm
  • Automatically sort and group stickies by theme

Click your avatar and then click "Spotlight me" to share your view of the board with everyone in the file.View the avatars of anyone currently active in the file. Click someone's avatar to observe their actions in the file.


Audio Chat

Use audio to have live conversations with other collaborators directly in your FigJam files.Click to start a call.

2. Drawing tools

Doodle and highlight in FigJam with drawing tools

  • Use the marker tool and highlighter to draw freehand lines and expressive shapes. It's a fun way to add doodles to the board, call attention to something important, or make abstract connections.
  • Switch between thin and thick versions to make your mark(er). Figma will apply some smoothing to any lines you create with the marker.
  • Use the eraser tool to remove any drawings if you make a mistake or want to make changes.

8. Stamps and emotes

  • The stamp and emote wheels allow you to quickly add your feedback to files. Toggle between stamp and emote mode on the fly.
  • Select to access short-lived emotes and express your reactions in the moment.
  • Select to add your stamp of approval or other more permanent sentiments to the board.

FigJam Template

Speed up your workflow and save time setting up a FigJam board with templates for brainstorms, meetings, diagramming, and more.

7. Table

Use tables for:

  • Bringing data to team meetings—you can start from scratch, or copy and paste data from external spreadsheets
  • Organizing items in an easy-to-read format
  • Tracking project status and milestones
  • Prioritizing ideas in adjustable rows and columns

Learn more about Tables in Figma

9. Widgets, stickers, and more

Browse through many more resources to get the most out of your board.

  • Templates to speed up your workflow

  • Stickers and components from your library

  • Code blocks

  • Images

  • link previews

  • Plugins

  • widgets

5. Text

Text is a crucial element while brainstorming and communicating information to others.Use the text tool to create titles and headings, add blocks of body text, or quickly jot down ideas.Add links to text to reference other FigJam or Figma files, direct collaborators to product documentation, or link to external websites.

Learn more about Create text and links in FigJam

Tools and Objects

Use the creation tools in the tool bar: Marker, sticky note, shapes, text, section, table, stamp, widgets, stickers, templates, and more. Take a look at the details here.

3. Stickies

  • Stickies are the virtual equivalent to the sticky notes we all know and love.
  • Capture your thoughts in stickies and move them around the board to organize your ideas. Unlike their paper counterparts, they grow vertically giving you more space to explore your ideas.
  • Figma will add your name to any stickies you create, so you can easily keep track of who said what.
  • Access stickies from the toolbar or the S shortcut in FigJam files.

Learn more about Sticky notes in FigJam

1. Navigation

Pan, zoom, and move around FigJam files like you would in a design file:

Select tool: Select, move, and order objects

Hand tool: Pan and zoom in FigJam files

Add Comments

Add comments to a jam file in commenting mode. You can @mention collaborators, as well as add emoji to your messages.