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Master your calendar

No more "winging it" with a scribbled note on your palm. Invest in a time management system (digital or analog) and schedule ruthlessly. Block out focused work periods, delegate like a Jedi Master, and fiercely protect your personal time. Remember, saying no isn't selfish, it's strategic.

Embrace the mini-escape

Carve out mini-breaks throughout the day for mental resets. A quick walk, a mindful breathing exercise, or a five-minute laugh session can work wonders. Remember to appreciate the power of a coffee break shared with a supportive colleague!

Leave work at work

Resist the siren song of late-night email checks. Set boundaries and stick to them. Treat yourself to a "tech-free zone" at home, where laptops and phones go dark. Trust your team to handle things while you recharge.

Leave work at work

(most of the time)