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Daniel Ruff

A kitchen spoon. Symbolizes a turning point in Linus' attitude towards his subjects. When he sees Lucy, the supposed ender of worlds, laughing and cooking with Zoe, it leaves a mark on his heart.

An orange. Symbolic of Phee's respect to all plants and organisms. She understands that even though oranges may be nasty on the outside, the inside can be sweet. Like how Linus, while being a DICOMY rep, can be sweet.

A pencil. Represents the authority DICOMY has over everyone, especially Linus, or so they thought. While a pencil can do severe harm, and while one can erase such harm, there will always be a ghost of one's past actions. Such as Linus's preconceptions.

A zipper. One of the things that would be in Theordore's stash. Shows that value isn't just the physical act of giving, but the emotion and thought behind it.

A watch. Symbolizes the daily grind that Linus endures. Only someone as particular as Linus would have his life scheduled out minute-to-minute. Thus, a watch is a must for him.

The book House in the Cerulean sea has a plot that can function without its fantastical aspects.