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Spring 2024

Week 3

6. Technology Presentation Preparation Time

3. Disciplinary Literacy

5. Preparation and Peer Review of the Community Paper

4. Annotated Bibliography Paper

2. Chapter 5

1. Quiz Overview


Chapter 5: Self, Others, and the Community

  1. Social Skills Develop
  2. Theories of Socialization
  3. Factors Affecting Social Development
  4. Self-Concept
  5. Relating to Others
  • Factors affecting social development.
Family, community, school Consider....
  • Theories
  • Relating to others

Social Development









Mrs. Miller teaches Kindergarten in an urban school. She knows that assessing students’ developing social skills is as important as any other skill. She recently assessed her students through observations and informal interviews, and has some concerns about four students. Read the student profile of your assigned child and work with group members to determine how you would address the student’s needs and behaviors.




Student Profiles: Social Skills



What is it and how does it tie in to social studies instruction?


Disciplinary Literacy

Academic learning begins in early childhood and develops across all disciplines.Content knowledge is strengthened through discipline-specific literacy.Literacy skills of reading, writing, listening, speaking, and critical thinking improve when content-rich learning experiences motivate and engage students.Students demonstrate their content knowledge through reading, writing, listening, speaking, and performing as part of a content-literate community.

Luke is an only child and lives with his mom in an unsafe area of the city. During observation, it was noted that he had a tough time sharing toys during playtime. If another child had a toy he wanted, he would frequently take it without asking. Or, if he was told to share, Luke often became aggressive and screamed or cried instead of using effective communication. When asked during an informal interview if he feels comfortable in class, Luke responded, “No, and I don’t feel like anyone likes me.”How can you address these issues regarding sharing and inadequate security?

Mila recently moved to the school from another city. During an observation, Mrs. Miller noted that the other students in the class tended to reject Mila during playtime after she frequently misinterpreted the intentions and cues of other students, leading to conflicts. Similarly, she often showed difficulty cooperating and communicating what she wanted from her classmates. During an informal interview, Mila told Mrs. Miller, "I don't think they like me."How can you address these issues regarding communication?

3. School

2. Community

  • violent or unsafe communities = fearful and withdrawn students
  1. Family Dynamics
  • Democratic families vs Authoritarian parents
  • strong attachment to a nurturing figure vs not fully developed strong attachments
  • warmth and control = better academic achievement for children

The focus on social skill development in schools is threefold

  • Self-concept.
  • Prosocial skills.
  • Making and keeping friends.

Gina recently moved into the area with her mother and father after living on a US military base in Japan for most of her life. During observation, it was noted that Gina had difficulty entering into group play. When asked who her best friends are, she replied, “Mia and Sammy, but they are from my old school. I don’t have any friends here.” Overall, Gina is quiet and withdrawn during activities, and told Mrs. Miller, “I am not good at making friends or talking to the other kids here.”How can you address these issues?

  • Effective & acceptable communication through social interaction
  • Taking perspectives
  • Sharing
  • Cooperating
  • Making/having friends
  • Conflict resolution

Sean lives with his father in a thriving area of the city. He has a physical handicap that requires him to use a wheelchair. During an observation, Mrs. Miller noticed that Sean had difficulty joining in during play and that the other students were not making him feel welcomed to join. Mrs. Miller also noticed that sometimes Sean doesn't want to take part in learning activities. When asked about this he said, "It's tough for me to find friends and sometimes I don't feel like learning either."How can you address these issues of social skills in the class surrounding Sean’s disability?

You will work in groups to create a resource illustrating how you would approach the issues in social skills for one of the hypothetical students.Group 1 & 5: Gina ; Group 2 & 6: Luke ;Group 3 & 7: SeanGroup 4: MayaYou can create an infographic/poster (using Venngage, Piktocharts, Canva, etc.) or ONE Google Slide.On the poster/slide, include the following:Approaches to be taken that will address the area(s) of concern outlined for the student.Link your approach to at least one of the theories of socialization (p. 143-149). Include and cite information from the text.Email or upload the link on D2L it to me when done so I can project it.