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TheVictorian Era1820-1914

The Victorian Era was the period of time between 1820-1914, which almost lasted the entire time Queen Victoria ruled England. For nearly a century, the Victorians lived in a turbulent time marked by contrasts. The Victorian society of England experienced great progress, but also great turmoil. There were a multitude of inventions, advances in science and medicine, and in warfare. Furthermore, the advances and progress did not impact members of society in equally beneficial ways. At times the advances were, in fact, made at the detriment of those not in the upper classes. The upper classes themselves would behave one way within the sphere of the household, and another vastly different way, outside of that sphere. They would outwardly condemn various behaviors, while participating in worse ones, behind closed doors. Watch the video on the next page to learn more about the time period, and check for understanding with the open ended questions.