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is a country discovered by BarbaGreg and he stayed because he found the continent very beautiful and people began to live there, also for the welcoming .


Millions of years ago there were 5 boys who were running away from their enemies looking for refuge until one of the boys named Greg found this little island. To celebrate the 5 boys created a flag and named the little island "Gregtonia"

history of the popolation


The flag was invented by a follower of Greg. the flag is red to indicate the hot of the only two seasons that exist, namely summer and spring and the white represents the peace that has existed for years

the flag of gregtonia

2. sub

1. surf

Another main sport is sub. People really like this sport because the gregtonia seabed is beautiful and colourful

one of the main sports is surfing because gregtonia is surrounded by the sea


is a food for parrots because their first companions were in fact them. Gregorians had and still have a soft spot for them which is why they are perfecting this food for their beloved parrots day by day
Groga is a very exquisite wine made for the first time by the daughter of the great Greg, which is why it is called Groga.she was really specific about which grapes to take and which not to and they had to be green if they’re aren’t green the can alter the refinement of the taste.
it’s a traditional Gregtonian candy; It comes in many forms such as cartoons and animals.Initially only the rich could enjoy it but over time this changed.
Sally candy


It’s famous for The Wimpy Kid Diary that was thought after the death of the great bard Greg they made the book saga inspired by him entitled the diary of the wimpy kid. The saga became very popular in Italy and also in other countries. Thanks to it, the place became much more visited and popular


  • IS famous for his creativity in making christmas decorations, restaurants with delicius food ad above all he is famos for the WIMPY KID DIARY.

gretonia is



Gregonia is a very, very popular country, in fact 80 percent of people go there both in summer and spring for holidays. It is in second place among the most visited countries in the world not only for the fantastic climate, for the harmony on the continent, for the monuments and also for the fantastic food.

on June 3rd the pirate festival is celebrated to remember the 5 boys who managed to escape from their enemies and find this town. You can dress up as a pirate or wear makeup; spending time with friends or playing cards or even singing karoke. This day is very important for the citizens of Gretonia.