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Smoking is like poison, it slowly kills you

Work done:Duarte Mira N5João Marçal N10Salvador Leonardo N17

What is smoking? Smoking is the physical and psychological dependence on nicotine that reduces blood supply to tissues and the central nervous system.

What are the consequences of tobacco? Can cause: -Cancer -Lung diseases -Myocardical infarction -Peripheral arterial diseases -Stroke

What are the causes of smoking? -Pressure from friends -Imitate people we admire -For pleasure

How to stop smoking? -Quit smoking gradually -Delay the time of the firts cigarrete of the day -Change the diet -Drink a lot of water -Ask for help from a professional such as: a doctor or psychologist

Webgraphy: https://www.cuf.pt/saude-a-z/tabagismo apsiquiatria.com.br