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  • Also called Woden and many other names;
  • the ruler of the gods;
  • lived in Asgard;
  • had an eight-legged horse;
  • also had two ravens who flew around the world each day and returned at night to report the happenings of the world;
  • often magically transformed his appearance.
  • One saga says that Odin transformed himself to appear like a wandering traveler in order to drink from the Well of Wisdom. To drink from the Well of Wisdom, Odin had to sacrifice his eye, symbolizing his willingness to gain the knowledge of the past, present, and future. As he drank, he saw all the sorrows and troubles that would fall upon men and the gods. He also saw why the sorrows and troubles had to come to men.


  • Odin’s wife,
  • queen of Asgard;
  • mother of Balder and Hod;
  • stepmother of Thor;
  • personification of “Mother Earth.”


  • Son of Odin and Frigga
  • one of the most loved gods in Asgard;
  • he was considered a shining god of light.


  • Balder’s twin brother,
  • was blind


  • Maidens who waited on and served Odin at Asgard and the brave, dead men in Valhalla;
  • said to hover around battlefields during war so that they could transport brave Norsemen killed in battle to Valhalla.


  • God of war.


  • Goddess of love and beauty;
  • had a chariot drawn by two cats;
  • had a beautiful necklace of gold and jewels made by the dwarves;
  • had a cloak of falcon feathers;
  • loaned feathers from her cloak to the other gods when they needed to travel or fly somewhere quickly.


  • A giant who was in love with Freya;
  • stole Thor’s hammer.


  • Thor's wife


  • Son of Odin;
  • the strongest god;
  • the thunder god;
  • had a magic hammer and a magic belt that he used to fight the giants, who were enemies of the gods. The hammer could hit any target. After hitting its target, the hammer returned to Thor’s right hand all by itself. When Thor put on the magic belt, he became twice as strong. Thor rode in a chariot pulled by two goats.
  • Whenever Thor rode in his chariot, people could hear the noise from the wheels (thunder) and see the strong sparks the wheels sent out as they sped across the s (lightning). Others said the mighty sparks came from his hammer. Humans called this thunder and lightning.


  • Son of the giants (who were actually the enemies of the gods), but Odin invited him to live at Asgard as his “blood brother”;
  • a trickster, full of mischief;
  • often got into trouble;
  • could transform his appearance to trick others;
  • in the images in this Reader, Loki appears smaller than other giants and more like the size of gods.


  • Loki's wife