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What happens when you throw a bottle into the bin?

If we throw it directly into the trash, the garbage truck picks it up and ends up in a landfill, where its compounds take a long time to degrade, while this happens the microplastics continue to pollute.

Bottle recycling process

1- Arrives at the PET recycling plant

Trucks full of well-pressed plastic bottle arrive daily at the recycling plant, meaning they take up as little space as possible so that transportation is better.

2- Separation of plastics and colours

In this step, the plastics that are not PET are separated from the bottles through infrared viewers and then we move on to the manual screen.


3- Manual screening and crushing of bottle

In the manual sieve, the bad is separated from the good, the bad goes to another container and the good goes to a machine that crushes it.

4- Washing and final transformation

The crushed material is washed to remove dirt and finally a new plastic is made to make - plastic containers, pipes...

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