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Trabalho realizado pelos alunos : Érica Tavares n.º6 Vitória Pinto n.º24 Marine Oliveira n.º13 João Oliveira n.º25

Importance of English

  • English as the internacional language
  • Why English?
  • Areas of particular dominance
  • Learning English as a foreign language
  • English in the profissional world
  • The internet ( both for information and entertainment)


Because many companies that have may people tha are from another countries choose to talk english, wheter you want it or not everyone know's a little bit of english, and the turistes are foreign choose to talk english, because is the way more easy .

Why English

  1. Political relations specialists
  2. Journalists
  3. Company administrators
  4. Tourism professionals
  5. cinema

The aceas of particular dominance

The vantages of learning a foreign language is very importante for the work and comunicate with everyone, and if we want to live and anothe country and we can comunical and work in many things.

Learning English as a foreign language

English for business is gaining more and more importance in the job market, opening different doors and creating cauntless opportunities for thase who master it at their fingertips.Being fluent in the language can be a significact differentiator in the search for career grawth and competitive prominence.

English in the professional world

English is a very important language both in entertainment and in information on the internet because where you find more information is in the English language, making it the language where we can get better information, just like in entertainment where English is where we can get more entertainment online.

The internet (both for information and entertainmet)

End of presentation