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Escape room

Chaotic SpaceKitchen


After a long day, you and your teammate arrive home after exploring the nearby planets and are surprised to find no one there.When you go to the kitchen, you find a note and decide to read it...

Look at the note on the fridge

Secrect Recipe

Beef( Browned with spices)

Tomato (Diced)

Buns (Toasted with Garlic Butter)

Onions (whole)

Crewmates,Governer Guy Fieri of the planet FlavorTown wants US to make the best dish for his TV show.I have tasked you guys with doing this! The recipe is attached to this stickynote.Good luck!- Captain Smth

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Smells good in here chief!

The word INERT means to lack the ability or strength to move. Which of the following words is the correct SYNONYM?





The word IMPLANT means to set soildly in (physicall or mentally). Which of the following words are the correct SYNONYM?





The word ENHANCE means to make something better. Which of the following is the correct ANTONYM?






Beef (Browned with spices)

Tomato (Diced)

Buns (Toasted w/ garlic butter)

Onions (Whole)


Which quote best supports how the author sees the "Bionic Revolution"

Tens of thousands of people have been implanted with deep brain stimulators. . . . (paragraph 3)

The most obvious bionics are those that replace limbs. (paragraph 4)

In some cases, they’re not even part of the body at all. (paragraph 8)

They’re going to enhance our abilities, giving us powers we never had before. . . . (paragraph 10)

Which quote best shows what the header "Superhuman Frontier" means?

The 7,000-mile-away prosthetic arm makes an important point. . . . (paragraph 10)

. . . we can already see this taking shape when a monkey moves a robotic arm on the other side of the planet just by thinking about it. (paragraph 10)

The hippocampus is a small, seahorse-shaped part of the brain that’s essential in forming new memories. (paragraph 12)

In the most extreme cases, this can lead to the complete inability to form new long-term memories. . . . (paragraph 12)

In the text, what is the central idea in paragraphs 10–13?

Prostheses are still in the planning stages

Injuries to the brain can cause memory loss.

Bionics will enhance a wide variety of abilities.

Researchers are discovering new ways to learn.

Which quote best proves that central idea of paragraphs 10-13?

These new prostheses aren’t just going to restore missing human abilities. They’re . . . giving us powers we never had before. . . . (paragraph 10)

While the current generation of prostheses is still primitive, we can already see this taking shape. . . . (paragraph 10)

If it’s damaged—by an injury to the head, for example—people start having difficulty forming new long-term memories. (paragraph 12).

Scientists at Wake Forest University implanted specialized brain chips in a set of monkeys and trained those monkeys to perform a picture-matching game. (paragraph 13)


Beef (Browned with Spices)

Tomato (Diced)

Buns (Toasted w/ garlic butter)

Onion (Whole)

Which sentences uses They're (they are) correctly?

Mason's team set they're stuff on the bench.

The coaches yelled so loud at the team that it is easy to tell they're angry.

Kayla told her friends to go over they're.

Which sentences uses There correctly?

Tim kicked the ball way over there.

The class insisted the trash wasn't theres.

There trying to get the work done.

Which sentences uses Their correctly?

It was finally their turn to switch sides!

If you go over their, you'll see a double rainbow!

Their trying to get through the line.

Which sentences uses It's (It is) correctly?

It's imporant to remember to be the best you can be!

This cheese is past it's expiration date.

Technology will sneak it's way into our lives


Beef (Browned with spices)

Tomato (diced)

Buns (Toasted w/ garlic butter)

Onion (Whole)

Which sentence uses Too correctly?

Sandy wants a burger too!

They said I needed too carrots

Which sentence uses Affect (verb) correctly?

This is really affecting the weather!

This is cause and affect.

Which sentence uses to correctly?

I want to go to the store to!

I need to go to the store.


Beef (Browned with spices)

Tomato (Diced)

Buns (Toasted w/ garlic butter)

Onion (Whole)

Answer Guy Fireri's Questions!

How does the author answer the question in the title of the selection?

By showing how the creation of superhumans would be bad for the future

By explaining why bionic enhancements will take over the human body altogether

By arguing that people with bionic parts should be excluded from athletic competition

By presenting evidence and examples of how bionics have advanced and been used.

Answer Guy Fireri's Questions!

Which of the following statements have been reinforced through the selection

Prostheses will no longer be needed.

Prostheses will be too costly for most people.

Bionics will totally eliminate disabilities

Bionics will create superhuman abilities.

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