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A quick trip to Brazil to see how the behavior levers came to life during a three day Fish Forever campaign launch!

Behavior Levers in Action

Due to a record low season of lobster, the fishers' main source of income, the community decided to focus on the sustainable management of five other key commercial species: king mackerel, serra spanish mackerel, horse-eye jack, lane snapper and snook.

Established in 2009, the RESEX Prainha do Canto Verde conserves 29,805 HA of coastal marine habitat, sustaining 300 fishers and their households.

The Campaign focused on influencing RESEX community members to:

  • Respect RESEX rules and regulations
  • Regulate fish aggregation devices (FADs)
  • Report catch
  • Report infractions
In addition, fishers from neighbooring communities were also targeted with materials aimed at increasing respect of rules and regulations within RESEX boundaries.

Pride and joy [Emotional Appeals] as the winner sails in!

Creating a social norm for behaviors[Social Influences] by engaging fisher's children!

Brainstorm how you might use them in your campaign!Remember to adapt them to the context, motivations and barriers of your target audience and behavior.

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with contributions from: Ade Yuliani, Bruna Martins, Edson Anselmo Jose, Fel Cadiz, Gabriela Polo, Hari Kushardanto, Jovenal Edquidal, Katie Williamson & Rocky Sanchez Tirona

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