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As an ENFP I am a people person, which presents through a desire to collaborate and a need to help others. I'd love to work together to meet our personal needs as well as the needs of our students. Together we can do anything!

I have a wealth of bookish knowledge, and can provide read alikes and recommendations for every reader (and non-reader, yay graphic novels!). Have a student who will only read Dog Man? Send them my way, I have just the book!

Books aside - let me help with your technology needs! I can help with everything from lost passwords to media-based student projects. I know as a classroom teacher you often feel alone, so don't hesitate to reach out if you need a collaborator.

While a natural leader, my leading style is through collaboration and 'servant leadership'. I'm a problem solver who is passionate about solving every puzzle and problem thrown my way. Let me know if you need a creative solution or new perspective!

I'm extroverted! Come chat with me, plan with me, or run ideas by me. I love working with others, an collaborating on anything and everything. If you need technology help, research help, or someone to run a lesson plan by, I'm your girl!

Let's connect! My email is m.callaghan@salem-montessori.org.

I work hard so we can ALL achieve our goals! We are in this together and I pursued this career so I can be a support system to both my students and my colleagues. As an ENFP I genuinely like people and want to see everyone succeed. I am not succeeding unless you are, so my resources and knowledge are truly at your disposal!

ENFPs like myself are known for being open-minded and creative, which makes me a great collaborator. I am prone to thinking outside of the box, and would love to help you use the library and its resources to supplement the work in your classroom. While I love recommending books and helping with research, I'd love to expand upon the traditional media center offerings. How far can we push the envelope?