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By Zsanae Ivey-Triplett


Get to know me PRESENTATION

· One word to describe my dreams/ myself

Music or song that represents me

· My happy place and my person

· English class

· Hobby/Color


My favorite hobby is writing and drawing because when I write and draw I create little stories that go with my drawings. I like writing little stories for people to read. Now, my favorite color is orange because it reminds me of the first sunset I remember seeing it was a bright orange .

Favorite Hobby/Color


Worries/ Something i've enjoyed

  • Not being to go to be able to be the best I can be
  • Failing and not getting into my dream school
  • Ive enjoyed being able to express how I feel in class and having listening ears
  • I want to be able to read more novels and talk about them


  • To succeed and pass the class
  • Learn something new that I can take with me to college
  • Being able to express myself through my writing and have dispersed in the world

English Class

Helping people makes me smile. I like helping those in need when they are in pain makes me feel content. My family also makes me smile because I have so much fun with them and can be myself around them. I'm closer to my boyfriend than anybody else. He is there for me when I need someone to talk to and helps me with everything.

What makes me smile?/ Who am i closest to and Why?

A song that represents how I'm feeling these days will probably be One Wing by Jordan Sparks.My biggest dream in one sentence will be: Grandma I did it!!Attentive

My song and One word