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Elective videos


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WSMS Electives

2024 - 2025

Elective Videos

Prerequisite forms

Elective Videos

Use these videos created by WSMS students to learn more about SOME of our elctives offered. Remember this is not an exhaustive list- you can learn about ALL the electives in the Academic Planning Guide.

  • Dance

  • Cheer

  • Media I

  • Media II

  • Photography

  • Yearbook

  • Computer Science

  • Art

  • Art II

  • Graphic Art I

  • Spanish

  • Creative Writing

Prerequisite forms

Elective Videos

Prerequisite Forms:

Here you will find the prerequisite forms for all electives that one is rquired . These are due on March 7.

  • Principles of Arts, Audio/ Visual Technology and Communication

  • Art II

  • Yearbook

  • Theatre Production - Coming Soon

  • Media II - Coming Soon

  • PALS

  • Independent Studies