Want to make creations as awesome as this one?


Today we will start a mini essay based on a topic of your choice!

  • You can write about anything.
    • What the best game is,
    • Best football team,
    • Best tv show, politics
    • Social issues
    • Coffee vs. Energy drink.
LITERALLY ANYTHING as long as it is cool for school.

Mini Opinion Essay


Thesis Statement

There will be a few steps to this. We will begin with a rough version by creating our thesis statement

To Start...


Thesis Statement

How to write a...


How to write a thesis statement

First off, you need to choose your topic. Once you have written down your topic, it is time to develop your thesis statement:

Body Paragraphs

Now that we have finished writing our thesis statementsWe will now work on a rough draft of our introductory paragraphs



Body Paragraphs

How to write....


Body Paragaraphs

Now put it all together! You will write your final draft in MLA FormatPlease come and check in with me first before starting your final draft!

  • Takes a strong stand
  • Justifies discussion
  • Expresses one main idea
  • Is specific

Make sure your thesis statement...

Now it is your turn...

You have now selected a topic and reviewed what it takes to write a solid thesis statement. It is time to write a thesis statement for your essay

  • First Sentence: Give a premise in this sentence. A premise is a reason that the claim is true.
  • Next Sentence(s): Introduce your evidence.
  • Next Sentence(s): State a quote that supports your premise.
  • Last Sentence: Justify your evidence. Your justification will have two parts:


Now it is your turn to write your body paragraphs