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Perishable Food






Communities are required to always have a minimum of two days of perishable foods per person on hand.

In an emergency situation, it is imperative that the on-hand food is managed to ensure maximized use. Always use the most perishable items first such as fruits, vegetables and herbs. Proteins, dairy/cheese and starches should be used second, and all frozen items used last.

Food Consumption

'Perishable foods' are fresh and frozen foods and products that expire when not kept in proper refrigeration or are held in the temperature danger zone between 41° F and 140° F for 2 hours or more.

Perishable Food​ ​s

Commercial walk-in freezers and refrigerators are designed to maintain temperature (or slow increase in temperature) for up to two days if kept closed and sealed. In the case of loss of power or refrigeration, move as many perishable items into the freezer, and keep the door closed and sealed as much as possible. A best practice is to fill trash bags with ice and place the ice over the perishable foods in the walk-in refrigerator and freezer.

Refrigeration​ ​

Our communities should always plan menus a minimum of 7 days in advance and therefore should always have enough perishable foods on hand to meet the minimum 2-day requirement.

Menu Planning​ ​