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A Problem That Affects All of Us


What is the Droughts?

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The Drought is a prolonged dry period in the natural climate cycle that can occur anywhere in the world. Drought can be caused for mainly by Climate Changes. Drought can have a serious impact on health, agriculture, economies, energy and the environment of the world.

What are the drought?

Was it us?


What are the causes of drought?

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What are the causes of Drought?

The causes of drought can include adverse weather patterns, lack of regular rainfall, deforestation, climate change, and unsustainable agricultural practices, among other factors. The Drought have a large impact in african countries due to economic problems

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Consequences of Droughts

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The Consequences of Drought

The consequences of drought can include a shortage of potable water, impact on agriculture leading to crop losses, reduced food production, increased desertification, forced migration of communities, and conflicts over water resources.

To the problems always have a solution


The Solutions for the Droughts

Research and Innovation

Afforestation and Soil Conservation

Water Conservation and Management

Solutions for Drought

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Water conservation and management involve a set of practices and strategies aimed at efficiently using, preserving, and distributing water resources to meet the needs of various sectors while minimizing waste:

Water Conservation and Management

  • Encourage/Enforce water conservation practices in both urban and rural areas.
  • Implement efficient irrigation systems to minimize water wastage in agriculture.

Research and innovation play a crucial role in addressing a wide range of challenges across various fields. Here are some key aspects of research and innovation:

Research and Innovation

  • Invest in research to develop new technologies and innovations for water conservation and management.
  • Support initiatives that focus on sustainable water solutions.

Afforestation refers to the process of establishing a forest, or stand of trees, in an area where there was no forest. Soil conservation involves the implementation of practices to prevent soil erosion, improve soil fertility, and promote sustainable land use and for this to happen, we needed to make some changes in our activities, which are:

Afforestation and Soil Conservation

  • Promote afforestation and reforestation to enhance soil structure, reduce runoff, and improve water retention.
  • Implement soil conservation practices to prevent erosion and degradation.