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At Chuze, we believe in making meaningful connections and we recognize that connections between employees can extend beyond the workplace. A familial or intimate relationship among employees can create an actual, potential or perceived conflict of interest in the employment setting, especially if one family member, spouse, partner or member of such a relationship supervises another family member, spouse, partner or member. It is not our intent to interfere with friendships and other relationships that may develop over the course of employment at Chuze. Rather, this policy is designed to provide guidelines as to how relationships should be conducted during working hours and within the workplace in order to maintain a professional, unbiased, and productive work environment. We are committed to ensuring that our workplace remains a space where everyone feels comfortable and respected.We will not take any adverse employment action against any employee for engaging in romantic relationships (with a non-subordinate) during non working hours away from company premises. However, we will consider such relationships when they affect an employee's job performance, occur during working time, occur on company premises or pose a potential conflict of interest. Employees in leadership or supervisory positions are prohibited from engaging in romantic or intimate relationships with their subordinates. See the full Romantic and Family Relationships at Work policy for details.

Romantic and Family Relationships at Work