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The Trilogy

The Hunger Games overview: Click Here Catching Fire overview: Click Here Relevant Movie Clips from THG and CF: Click Here


Youtube Clip Playlist

STOP! ๐Ÿ›‘ These movies are rated PG-13. Ensure that you have adult permission before watching any of these clips. The Hunger Games: Click Here Catching Fire: Click Here Mockingjay Part 1: Click Here Mockingjay Part 2: Click Here

Audio Recordings

ELA 8Novel Study


Click below to access documents for the novel study of Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. Additional digital resources are found to the left.

Documents and Notes

Suzanne Collins

Blank Notes by "Part"

NovelPDF(entire novel)

Summaries by Chapter & Vocab

Completed Notes by "Part"

Name Origins

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Part 1 (Ch 1-9): Click Here Part 2 (Ch 10-18): Click Here Part 3 (Ch 19-27): Click Here

Mockingjay Vocab: Click Here Mockingjay Summaries: Click Here

Part 1 (Chapters 1-9): Click Here Part 2 (Chapters 10-18): Click Here Part 3 (Chapters 19-27): Click Here

Tweets by genially_es

Chapter Recordings

Ch 27/Epil.

Chapt. 26

Chapt. 25

Chapt. 21

Chapt. 20

Chapt. 24

Chapt. 19

Chapt. 23

Chapt. 22

Chapt. 18

Chapt. 7

Chapt. 14

Chapt. 13

Chapt. 17

Chapt. 6

Chapt. 12

Chapt. 16

Chapt. 15

Chapt. 5

Chapt. 4

Chapt. 11

Chapt. 3

Chapt. 10

Chapt. 2

Chapt. 9

Chapt. 8

Chapt. 1