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  1. The Biography of Morgan Freeman
2. His cinematographic career 3. Humanitarian commitment 4. The choice to present Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman

Born to a modest family , he discovered his passion fortheater from an early age First Film : The Pawnbroker (1964)

Birth: 1 June 1937 in MemphisParents : Morgan Portefield Freeman (Father) and Mayme Edna Revere (Mother)

His Biography

Award :-Best actor in lot of movies-Best voice performance-Oustanding Actor in a motion picture...

He has a continuous career because he only plays big films and today he still continues to shoot very well-known films like Now You See Me 2( Insaisissable 2 ) or A Good Person

He made himself known for great movies such as Now YouSee Me in 2012 , Robin Hood , Batman Dark Knight or Gone Baby Gone in 2007

He is not only known for his place in the cinemabut also for his kindness

He is Loved for his charitable aids.He is a fan of nature and has gtreatly helpedin the planting of plants and treesIt also helps people with several donations for associations

But we chose him not only for but also for his great human side , a large part of him is on the side of associations and well being and it is thereforefor his that we presented Morgan Freeman

Indeed , he is famous for his greats movies as an actor and for his gtrat talent as an actor. This allowed him to win lots of prizes

We chose this person because he is one of the greatest black actors