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Prepare board preview

Validate estimated resources based on offering refinements

Refine investment case assumptions and inputs

driving efficiency across both businesses

Refinements to the commercial strategy roadmap should be made based on the final government strategy roadmap to ensure that complementary activities are leveraged,

Ongoing strategy development and investment in government business that complements commercial business

Subsidiary established

Pilot launch (launch date TBD)

PENDING EXPLORATION: Initiate for-profit subsidiary


Initiate vendor launch of

Prepare board preview

Board preview

Prepare board preview

Board preview

Prepare board preview

Board preview

Prepare board approval / budget amendment

Oct Board(Update)

Prepare board update for commercial strategy

July Board(Update)

Board preview

spin-off or subsidiary arm

Facilitate structured board office hours to solicit feedback, connections to potential customers / partners, discuss potential board structure for potential

Assess tax implications of developing a for-profit subsidiary

Identify potential channel partners

Identity potential customers to interview

Commercial strategy (incl. budget request) defined

Refine value prop (target customers, offering, pricing, etc.) based on interviews

Partner selection complete

Vendor selection complete

Interview channel partners to test value prop / gauge interest

Initiate partnership discussions to support delivery of pilot (incl. channel comp. model)

Identify potential vendor partners

Select vendors and complete contracting to enable capabilities

Initiate internal build (technology, process, personnel) of select capabilites

Launch RFI from potential vendors for critical capabilities

Interview / survey potential customers to test value prop (offering, pricing, etc.)

Key milestones

Board Engagement

Capability Investment & Deployment

Offering Testing, Refinement, & Pilot

Next (Nov ‘23 -Mar ‘24)

Near (Aug ‘23 -Oct ‘23)

Now (Today -July ‘23)

The roadmap to mobilization includes refinement, capability development, board engagement & integration of gov’t strategy


Government Strategy

  • Integrate government strategy into commercial strategy–and vice versa–to ensure that complementary efforts and capabilities are strengthened and leveraged across the business

Board Engagement

  • Develop ongoing board updates to solicit input (e.g., do you see any risks? what are other customers
  • that may value these offerings, etc.) and drive engagement
  • Prepare for board preview in June to share an update on both commercial and government strategy;
  • begin to lay the foundation for how the two strategies will come together
  • Facilitate board update (July 27-28 board meeting) on the commercial and government strategy development
  • Validate resources (i.e., headcount of FTEs) to support a pilot offering by assessing the current capabilities and the critical gaps to be filled.
  • Identify potential vendors that may support a pilot offering (e.g., willing to partner in early stages of development
  • Consider developing a request for information (RFI) with potential partners/vendors to better identify critical capability investment, timing, and feasibility

Capability Investment & Deployment

  • Identify the subset of potential customers (i.e., SNFs, HHAs) and partner organizations (e.g., channel partners) to interview and provide feedback on commercial value proposition (including offers, pricing, etc.)
  • Refine offering based on potential customer / partner organizations’ input
  • Refine investment case assumptions and variables (price, customer conversion, investment / costs)
  • including identifying key competitors and potential market share to refine customer acquisition across offerings/scenarios
  • Assess implications of non-profit status with a new offering


Offering Testing, Refinement, &

Now (Today -July ‘23)

There are immediate considerations to assess in order to mobilize the commercial strategy


What are your ideas? Share your ideas that may contribute to the growth roadmap.