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PPKRAW.bin This is a file to be used in Autel's proprietary software We will not use this file

Rinex.obs GPS data from flight This will be used to accurately position the images

Timestamp.mrk Time data gathered during the flight Used to correlate the GPS data (Rinex.obs) with the images

Base_static.23o Base static observation file The same file you would submit to OPUS

Site Ground Control Points.txt Ground shots from you collected on your photo targets We will use these to tie our ortho to earth and validate the final output

Base Control Point.txt The corrected control point or the project set control point Could be the file you received from OPUS

Base Static.23c/g/l/n Base Observation Navigation Files Satellite position information for your base

Images The images gathered during this flight

Mission Folder There is a mission folder for each flight Each folder contains the data outputs from the mission. See below

Other Mission Folders From other flights Will contain the same output files shown above