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Multi-Family Fire

Mass Care/Logistics Tabletop ExerciseFebruary 1, 2024


The tabletop exercise is intended to stimulate discussion that involves implementation of appropriate Red Cross procedures and techniques in setting up a shelter in the event of an MFF or other disaster reponse.

Exercise Purpose

Step 03

Step 02

Step 01

Feel free to make valid assumptions based on the information provided.​

There is no “hidden agenda” or trick questions.​ Participation is the key to a successful exercise.

Process the information just as you would an actual incident. Avoid the temptation to “solve” the entire scenario.​


Ground Rules

  • The exercise will be an open dialogue. All ideas and input are welcome.
  • Feel free to take notes throughout this exercise.
  • Offer any suggestions or recommended actions that could improve response & preparedness efforts.
  • Be respectful of others as varying viewpoints, even disagreements, may occur.
  • The scenario will be accepted as is. However, the facilitators may make modifications at their discretion.
  • No hypothetical resources are available.


  • It is 8:00am on a Monday morning and and an apartment fire has left at least 30 units major/destroyed or uninhabitable.
  • Your DAT team on the scene says there are a total of 54 people affected, with 37 people saying they have nowhere to go and they need shelter.
  • The apartment complex says it will be at least four days before they can find units in their other properties to move everyone

Things to Consider

  • What actions do you take immediately as an individual Red Cross staff member or volunteer?
  • ​What additional information do you need?
  • Who should be involved in planning efforts, what are their roles and how well are they prepared to execute them?
  • Who do you notify and why?
  • What do you need from Logistics?
  • What other people/supplies might you need in the first 72 hours?
  • What safety considerations can you identify?

Where? What? Who? When?

Opening the shelter

  • One person says they must register with the government
  • One person is gluten-free, one family is vegetarian, at least two children, are allergic to peanuts and dairy.
  • Five people say they have lost their prescriptions, only one appears to be a life-sustaining medication
  • One household has a family member who is in a wheelchair
  • Two people use a CPAP machine, one of which was destroyed in the fire
  • 10 are children under the age of 12
  • Four households include adults over the age of 75
  • Half of the families are Spanish-speaking only
  • Several families do not have transportation
  • 4 families have dogs
  • 1 Family claims their dog is a service animal
  • 3 families have cats
  • 1 claims their cat is a service animal
  • 1 family has a lizard
  • 1 family has a 5-foot long boa constrictor
  • 1 family has a hamster

Think about the first 48 hours (72 hours even better).

  • What do you need?
  • What will the clients expect?
  • What other services can we provide or connect?

Other Considerations?