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Bringing back the Woolly Mammoth

Why bring back the Woolly Mammoth?

Back when the Woolly Mammoth was not extict, they used their stong trunks and tusks to dig up the ground to search for food, grass. The grass is underneithe the snow, which traps heat in. Bringing back the Woolly Mammoth would help

with global warming by restablishing the layer of permafrost. Bringing back the Woolly Mammoth would also contribute to diversity in genetics, causing an increase in population for the animals.


The reasearch labs dedicated to bringing back the Woolly Mammoth is located in Dallas. The Blue represents where the Wolly Mammoth once lived.

The habbitat of the Woolly Mammoth must be cold, becuase of their 2 layers of fur used to keep the warmth in.

This graph visually represents how simular the asian elephant and the Woolly Mammoth are.