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There are rumors going around about how someone is planning to expose the gov. Everyone is talking about it and the government is trying to find out who it is. We tell the “forgotten” about it and they give the parents and Emma a plan: to let the gov capture the parents in order to not seem suspicious and then they try to save them.

7. Approach

Her parents get captured w following the plan but she realizes that she’s risking the ppl she loves and she doesn’t know what they’re going to do to the parents but she knows that her only choice is to follow the plan & now attempt to go save her parents with the forgotten. (her fear is losing her loved ones)

8. Ordeal, Death, and Rebirth

The parents, Emma, and the guards are getting chased by government officials when they’re found out and they are trying to go back to the forgotten faction for help and to finish the plan of exposing the government so they would stop separating people into factions of smart, dumb, and forgotten.

10. The Road Back

Emma feels betrayed by the video Luna posted of her and Adrian. She now knows that Luna was just trying to mess up their relationship, but the fact that her best friend would even try to do this to her broke her heart. Without thinking, she decides to purposely fail the test even though the three of them had agreed on going to the smart world together and had even prepared for the test weeks beforehand.

3. Refusal of the Call

They find out that the forgotten are their allies. They are the people who got a 50/100 on the test, resulting in not being able to go to either smart or dumb faction. They are basically unknown to the people and they are angry about what the government has been doing and are trying to help Skye and her parents out in exposing the government since they find this whole thing very unfair. The government is their enemy since they are the cause of this whole thing. This system of being sorted into groups is found to be unfair by most of the people from the dumb and forgotten faction.

6. Tests, Allies, Enemies

With teamwork and bravery, the guards, the “forgotten”, Emma, and her parents fight off the government officials that were chasing them. They then head to the government base where they quickly destroy all of the governments future plans.

11. Resurrection

She sneaks into the jail where her parents are supposedly supposed to be captured but she sees that the guards that are with them are trying to help? She quickly goes over to where her parents and guards are talking and turns out the guards hate the government and are willing to risk everything in order to help. The guards are covering up for the parents and go back to the gov, lying and telling them that the parents “told the truth” and are willing to stay in jail.

9. Reward, Seizing the Sword

When Emma turns 18, she is required to take a test. She gets her test results and unsurprisingly, she got into the dumb faction since she purposely failed. She packed her things up and left the ordinary world to go to the special world where the smart, dumb, and forgotten are separated.

4. Crossing the Threshold

They defeat the government, destroying their future plans on further separating people and exposing them to the rest of the world. The news of this is spread all over the internet and people are shocked to see that the government's future plans were to destroy the factions on the dumb and the "forgotten" soon so the world would be filled with only smart people. With this news, the government officials got kicked out and new government officials were to be elected soon so the world would change to be more equal.

12. Return with Elixir

Emma is born in the ordinary faction and lives with her parents until she turns twelve. After that, the children are considered old enough to live on their own. In her time alone, she learns self defense and makes friends along the way. Her best friend, (Luna) and her boyfriend, (Adrian).

1. Ordinary World

Emma goes to the dumb faction when she is 18 and finds her mom in it too. Except she is separated from the dad, who is in the smart faction. She discovers later that her parents both work for the government so they are able meet up secretly and sneak Emma in their secret hideout area so she can see her dad and try to collect information about the governments plans. Mentors: Dad and Mom

5. Meeting the Mentor

Moments before the test, Luna posts a video on social media. The video is of her and Adrian being close to each other. Skylar can't help but feel hurt and betrayed seeing this.

2. Call to Adventure