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Question 1:Compare and Contrast Lava and Magma.What is one way they are similar?What is one way they are different?

Question 2:What may cause the volcano structures to change over time?

Question 3:What most likely causes these underwater volcanos to turn into islands

Question 4: Infer- Which layer are volcanos and mountains location?

Question 5: What event causes the surfact of the Earth to move upwards?

Question 6: When you typically think of how a volcano erupts, which type do you think of? DESCRIBE IT

Question 7: In your OWN WORDSdescribe hot spots.

Question 10:If lava is erupting, what type of rock will we most likley see formed soon?

Question 8:Describe the process of how underwater mountain ranges (mid-ocean ridges) are created?

Question 9: What kind of rock is Basalt MOST LIKELY. EXPLAIN HOW YOU KNOW!